Professional Operations Service & Technology

Dominion offers a wide variety of facility management and post production services to meet the ever changing technical needs of our clients.

Legacy videotape playback is available in many popular formats, as well as new digital based codecs.

Facility Management:
Having serviced the real estate industry for years, Dominion now offers facility management for small organizations to help them maximize the use of their own resources. This can range from property maintenance, electronics setup/troubleshooting, to accounting and vendor supervision. We use learned Best Practices to help our clients run their organization at top efficiency.
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High Definition and Web Editorial:
With the latest in nonlinear all digital editing, post production at Dominion is efficient, effective and (almost) effortless. Our award-winning creative staff makes your story compelling and your message clear -- from a 30 second commercial to a training video or broadcast documentary. We can also conform your project from offline to Broadcast Quality Master.
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Videotape Digital Archiving:
We have most common videotapes decks that can transfer your analog tape collection to a digital format. Usually the MP4 codec is used to makes Movies that are put on a hard drive for easy access. we go through an extra step to clean up tape errors so the new digital file looks great.
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DVD and Web Media:
You want high quality video for distribution and interactive applications. Our DVD authoring system guarantees it. You expect the quality seen in the edit suite to be the same quality seen by the final viewer. Our digital encoders provide it. We make your DVD or streaming web videos to only one standard - the best.
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Captioning & Audio Description:
At Dominion we offer 508 government compliant programs through Closed Captioning and Video Description. You can choose from the latest media and file formats for duplication. We deliver via password protected FTP website and high speed electronic delivery to TV stations.
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When Dominion takes projects from script to screen all aspects of your project go smoother - whether you’re shooting on location or finishing in post. Our team of seasoned experts collaborates on all aspects of your show to produce the cohesive and clear vision you asked for.
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We will consult with you about your video needs. With years of experience, our consultants know all about what makes a compelling video. It's not only good story telling, but we have the technical expertise to make your video look professional. Let us know how we can assist you to reach the biggest audience with the best looking program.
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Technical Specs:
Tape Formats: HDCAM, DVCPRO-HD, Digital Betacam, Betacam SP, HDV, DVCam, DVCPRO-25, 50, 100, S-VHS, 3/4”SP, Hi8, VHS Digital Video Formats: QuickTime, AVI, AAF, MPEG, WMV, MXF, AVC, MP4 Digital Still Formats: Photoshop compatible (PCT, TIF, JPEG) Digital Audio Formats: Audio CD, DAT, WAV, AIF, 44.1kHz or 48kHz
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